[Samba] Samba BIND9_DLZ autoupdate PTR

L. van Belle belle at samba.org
Wed Jan 23 10:05:35 UTC 2019

Hai Basti,  

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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Samba BIND9_DLZ autoupdate PTR
> @L.P.H.
> this config looks more simple than
> do you update via DHCP?
Yes and no. 

Atm no, due to some change im making here. 
If i switch back, then yes, the dhcp server's will be running on the DC's, 
but currently the pcs are updating there own record. And since both work
fine, its a low prio for me. 
My setup, is setup as shown in the wiki (see links above and below). 

> @Rowland
> thanks for the link. I have try dns/dhcp updates after the change of
> auth-nxdomain yes;  does not show the result I want to see.
> Sorry for this inconvenience.
> I will try it tomorrow.
> In the link you post a can read "don't forget to stop your windows
> clients trying to update their own records, ..."
> How is this done?

Setup a GPO which disables the pc updates. 
Computer Config > Policies > Admin Template > Network > DNS Client >
Register DNS records with connection-specific DNS Suffix.

Its and older article, but usefull to read. 
Same for 

Other good reads.
https://kb.isc.org/docs/aa-00914  Why does my authoritative-only nameserver
try to query the root nameservers?
https://kb.isc.org/docs/aa-00803  Why are queries for some PTR records no
longer forwarded since upgrading to BIND 9.9.0? 



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