[Samba] Samba + BIND9 DLZ. DNS dosen't resolve FQDN, only short hostname

Mgr. Peter Tuharsky tuharsky at misbb.sk
Tue Jan 22 13:51:02 UTC 2019

Rowland, thank You, but this removes only the NS record, but the faulty
domain A records remain. How to deal with them, I don't know. They
behave unlike the ordinary A records.

Name=, Records=8, Children=0
    SOA: serial=27, refresh=900, retry=600, expire=86400, minttl=3600,
ns=blacktux.interbronz.local., email=hostmaster.interbronz.local.
(flags=600000f0, serial=27, ttl=3600)
    NS: blacktux.interbronz.local. (flags=600000f0, serial=1, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=1, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=3, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=9, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=10, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=11, ttl=900)
    A: (flags=600000f0, serial=23, ttl=900)

Dňa 20. 1. 2019 o 12:46 Rowland Penny via samba napísal(a):
> On Sun, 20 Jan 2019 11:51:21 +0100
> Peter Tuharsky via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>> Rowland, thank You for advice.
>> I can manage standard A records, but not sure, what to do with the
>> NS. I can't figure out, how to delete invalid A subrecord of NS
>> record.
>> I'm afraid to experiment much. Please, could You point me to some 
>> working example?
>> Peter
> This should work, when run a DC:
> samba-tool dns delete samdom.example.com @ NS 'FQDN of DC to
> remove'
> Where: 
> 'samdom.example.com' is the domain to remove the record from.
> '@' is the SOA.
> 'NS' is the record type.
> 'FQDN of DC to remove' is the record data to remove i.e. something like:
>    dc.samdom.example.com
> As always, it is best to test first, it shouldn't damage anything, but
> better safe than sorry ;-)
> Rowland

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