[Samba] Internal DNS migrate to Bind9_DLZ

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jan 16 14:11:16 UTC 2019


This supports my idea, only i did not know that samba internal-dns does not care about the TTL/SOA records. 
Thank you Denis for this. 

If thats the case, do we have a bug report on this, becasue TTL/SOA records are most important. 
Maybe i forgot this when i did setup, using bind9_dlz so long already.. 

> >
> > Is there anything specific I can check in the DB?
> like it is written in the logs here above, you are missing the NS and 
> SOA field in your DNS partition. Internal DNS doesn't care 
> about it but 
> Bind-DLZ is less forgiving. You could try something like below (adapt 
> accordingly):
> samba-tool dns add srvads testdca.lan @ SOA "srvads.testdca.lan 
> hostmaster.testdca.lan. 2 900 600 86400 3600" -P
> samba-tool dns add srvads testdca.lan @ NS srvads.testdca.lan -P
> For the SOA record, the syntax of the text string is : nameserver, 
> email, serial, refresh, retry, expire, minimumttl
> Cheers,
> Denis

My idea was: 

- If the samba (config) data does not met the needed requirements for dns you might hit errors. 
samba-tool testparm -v | egrep "realm|workgroup|netbios|alias" 
For example.  
Good : netbios name = my-test1-system
Wrong: netbios name = my-test2 system  ( space ) 
Wrong: netbios name = my-test2-system1 ( 16 chars max 15! )
Wrong: netbios name = my-test2-systém  ( wrong charaters é )
Wrong: netbios name = my_test2_systém  ( wrong charaters _ )

At least thats what i did find on : dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f944d595da0:1:near eof: unexpected end of input

I notice a strange thing. 

dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f944d595da0:1	<< that 1, tels use near line 1. 
near eof: unexpected end of input  < but here its near eof of file.

To me it looks like faulty data in line 1. 
- incorrect TTL/SOA records? 

All i can suggest now is run the DLZ loader with -d1 or -d3 
But try Dennis his option first. 

Last, if one know a way to export the DNS data from the server to plain text files, that would be great. 
And no, master/slave setup gives on the slave a binary data file.  ;-) 



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