[Samba] issue with fruit:model not using avahi correctly?

Rouven WEILER Rouven_Weiler at gmx.net
Tue Jan 15 08:27:36 UTC 2019

hey folks,
I am trying to change the fruit:model value for changing the icon in the mac os finder.
After digging a little bit in the source code I saw that "source3/smbd/avahi_register.c" does not contain a line where info like
is added to avahi.
In "source3/modules/vfs_fruit.c" I see that the paramater fruit:model is processed, but it does not seem to be used by avahi_register nor does it seem to be propagted.
These lines should be responsible for making smb show up correctly in the Finder sidebar with a correct icon.
Is this a bug/not available feature or did I misunderstand something?
I am not thinking my config os corrupted since my time machine share is propageted correctly (based on the avahi infos).
Some link that helped me:
Thanks for your help.

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