[Samba] Samba + BIND9 DLZ. DNS dosen't resolve FQDN, only short hostname

Mgr. Peter Tuharsky tuharsky at misbb.sk
Fri Jan 11 12:18:58 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

I have set up Samba AD with BIND9 DLZ backend, hopefully accordingly to
online wiki manual.

Now, the DNS service seems working to some extent, since AD logons work
and I can resolve the simple hostnames that I added to Samba DNS records.

But what bothers me - that DNS cannot resolve FQDNs of these machines,
even from the server console. To be more exact, nslookup does resolve
them, while ping dosen't (nor the CUPS service, thus rendering network
print useless).

Please, does somebody have a clue, what goes wrong here?

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