[Samba] upgrade to 4.8.3 authentication not work without specifying domain

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Jan 11 10:19:08 UTC 2019

I say put on a yellow vest and then go talk to that surgeon again. ;-) 
Try it, and i mean really put on a yellow vest.. then talk. 
And tell im very simple. 
Current system can be maintaint anymore due to outdated os-ses. 
Upgrading is obligates, the longer he waits te more it will cost him. 
And thats only because of inflations.. 

And really, first its a workgroup, now its a classic NT domain. 
Then you might have the option to use poledit. 
I only forgot whats all available in the old templates. 

Christians option : map untrusted to domain = yes might help yes. Worth trying. 

> I know . If I could change them  
You can and yeah, it takes time, but you can and you will, because you must.

Im really wondering how this surgeon is protecting the users data in this network. 
I'll bet he is breaking privacy laws here. 

Law says, at least here in the netherlands, users pricacy data must be protected at all time. ( very short version ) ;-) 
This includes keeping you systems secure and up2date. ..>> xp ? Not secure anymore. 
Law also says here, you must notify the person/company about the problem. 
I do that 2 x, then i'll report them, as law tells me too. 
Italy uses same EU law about this as the Netherlands, but i dont know IT laws. 

And in my case, working at a bailiff office helps, i must follow these laws closely. 




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> work without specifying domain
> Il 11/01/19 10:39, Rowland Penny via samba ha scritto:
> > It might help if you gave us more info, what did you update from and
> > to ?
> >
> i upgrade from version 4.7 . ldap backend , CLASSIC PRIMARY DOMAIN 
> > As for your users changing their habits, you are in charge, 
> if you tell
> > them they have to change, they will change.
> Have you ever talked to a surgeon?
> It is not he who must adapt to the world, but the world that 
> must adapt 
> to him.
> reasoning with an absolute monarch would be easier.
> > You also really need to update your computers, XP has been EOL for a
> > few years now and 7 will go EOL before long.
> I know . If I could change them .... but I'm in a public 
> reality with a 
> limited budget. And in the IT sector, it invests less than 
> 0.1% of its 
> turnover.
> Buda
> > Rowland
> >
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