[Samba] CUPS removal of cupsaddsmb

David Disseldorp ddiss at samba.org
Wed Jan 9 00:57:42 UTC 2019

Hi All,

I was recently directed to look at some upstream CUPS changes which
impact Samba's printer server functionality: cupsaddsmb has been dropped

Given that it's only just gone in, I wouldn't expect it to reach distros
for some time, but I think it's worth discussing how/whether we should
AFAICT cupsaddsmb walks the cupsGetDests2() printer list and performs
PPD file creation, driver upload (using smbclient) and registration
(via rpcclient adddriver).
IIRC, this functionality is similar to what's performed by Window's
native Add Printer Wizard. If cupsaddsmb is heavily used in Samba Print
Server deployments, then perhaps we should look at merging it into the
Samba codebase (it's Apache 2.0 licensed).
Any thoughts?

Cheers, David

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