[Samba] Convert from NT style Domain to AD on Ubuntu 18.04

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Wed Feb 27 01:33:58 UTC 2019

I have a small installation which includes 2 servers one is the PDC 
which handles logins and stores profiles.and also handles email and some 
minor Apache stuff.

There is also a member server which handles most of the file sharing.

These servers have been in service since around 2006 running Ubuntu but 
are on their third motherboards, third set of drives and their 6th LTS 
version of Ubuntu.

I know I need to convert to AD but I am afraid of really screwing 
something up plus I've run some disappointing tests on other servers.

I'd appreciate any comments on how best to approach this. I do have a 
test installation which does not currently run Samba but could probably 
be set up to run an NT style Domain to test the conversion. I also have 
a second site which needs to be converted, it has a PDC and two member 

My current thinking is to clean up the existing servers as much as 
possible then run the Samba utility to do the switch on the PDC and then 
run it on the Member server, hopefully at the end of this I would have 
two AD Domain controllers.

My questions are:

  * Do I actually need to run the utility on the Member Server of simply
    edit smb.conf to change the security and backend settings?
  * How well does the utility work?
  * How long will it take?
  * What should I be on the look out for?
  * What advise would you give me?


*Robert Steinmetz*


*Steinmetz & Associates*

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