[Samba] Computer Management - Share Security - No Read Access

Marco Shmerykowsky marco at sce-engineers.com
Fri Feb 22 15:45:38 UTC 2019

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Subject: Re: [Samba] Computer Management - Share Security - No Read 
Date: 2019-02-22 10:30 am
 From: Marco Shmerykowsky <marco at sce-engineers.com>
To: "L.P.H. van Belle" <belle at bazuin.nl>

> Ok, debian?
> https://github.com/thctlo/samba4/blob/master/howtos/stretch-base-3.1-samba-member-debian-install.txt
> https://github.com/thctlo/samba4/blob/master/howtos/stretch-base-3.2-samba-member-fileserver.txt
> Have a look at it, it might give you some ideas, this is how i install
> my servers.
> I needs a bit of updating, but in general its still ok.
> Just keep an eye on the smb.conf and its contents that might need a
> bit updateing.
> And use :  apt-get install samba winbind acl attr libnss-winbind
> libpam-winbind \
>  ntp krb5-user bind9utils ldb-tools smbclient -y

Two things that I notice which differ from the information on
see on the wiki to date:

1) Your install routine mentions 'acl'

    Yes the wiki mentions make sure its installed and I thought
    I had checked this, but shouldn't it be listed on the wiki?

2) The wiki old mentioned SeDiskOperatorPivilege

    The member-fileserver document seems to set a number
    of items.  Is this belt and suspenders or do all this
    things need to be set explicitly?

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