[Samba] Active Directory one Client with multiple IP addresses

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Feb 22 08:37:36 UTC 2019


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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Active Directory one Client with multiple 
> IP addresses
> Is is possible to assign one name to a client, but have multiple ip
> addresses (3 or more) say for a laptop that can be connected by wireless,
> hardline on laptop, or hard-line on docking station 
> where DHCP server issues multiple ip addresses for each connection which could be used simultaneously or individually?
Thats not how windows work. 
You have someing as priorities on the connections.
Above should be. 

Docking station > prio 1
NIC laptop > prio 2 
Wireless > prio 3

In win10 is bit more hidden, but here is how its done 

This is how it showed in win7

> and have nslookup yield the one of the working/connected ip 
> address or say first working if only 1 is connected?
> -- 

If the pc is domain join it "should" update is own dns record of done by the DHCP server. 
So normaly your not simultaneously connected. 



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