[Samba] Samba + BIND9 DLZ. DNS dosen't resolve FQDN, only short hostname

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Feb 21 18:16:51 UTC 2019

RPvs> The wiki (and Microsoft) is very vocal that you shouldn't use the
RPvs> '.local' TLD

Not to start a flame war - but Microsoft is the *source* of using .local in Active directory domains - from past practices.

And, even now, they are somewhat equivocal in saying it shouldn't be used. [No source given, but it's something I've looked at in the last year and there are places they say "DON'T" and other where it's *far* less emphatic, almost permissive.]

I'm not going to take a personal stance - other than to say that using .local is probably going to get more complicated as time goes on, and might be the source of some grief.
Unfortunately, AFAICT, there's no real great alternative to a non-internet first level domain that one can be sure will never exist in the real world.

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