[Samba] Samba Samba and ufw

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Feb 14 16:12:08 UTC 2019

Hai martin, 

Wait, now im bit lost... 

Which is correct here. 
1) Win10PC attempts to access Samba Share 
2) Linux pc attempts to access windows share. 
Or both? 

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> Onderwerp: Re: Samba Samba and ufw
> Louis,
> Added the share "testing UFW" . Can see it on the Linux side
How do you see it? if needed pm me a screenshot. 

> But nothing in Windows explore when you type \\ip\ 

> nothing in > Windows IE.  << ie ? I hope you use Explorer not Internet Explorer.. 
> Tried adding ports 80 and 443 both tcp and udp. 
> No change. 

> When I go to the network I see two folders OFFICE (the windows PC) and Windows network. 

Uh, two folders OFFICE  ?? 
Screenshot or explain it better.

You know that you cannot give the same name to Workgroup/NTDomainname and PC and/or server. 
Can you tell me these. 
WIN pc  name = 
Linux pc/server name = 

> The Windows network will not mount but If I click on 
> office I see print$ and testingUFW. I can open testingUFW on 
> the local machine but not print$. 
Thats possible because the testing share allows guest access. 

> Thought this was kinda funny. I did reboot 
> between ufw rule changes. Going to google windows shares to 
> see if there 
> is something I've got to do on the windows end to see the share.

"Seeing" shares might take some time. Dont rely on that. 

> Regards,
> Marty

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