[Samba] 32 seconds vs 72 minutes -- expected performance difference?

Saurabh Nanda saurabhnanda at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 11:24:22 UTC 2019

> Try removing this:
> case sensitive = yes
> For reasons, read 'man smb.conf'

I've read
but wasn't able to understand why `case sensitive = yes/no/auto` is going
to have any impact. Quoting relevant sections from the docs below:

> [case sensitive = yes/no/auto] controls whether filenames are case
sensitive. If they aren't, Samba must do a filename search and match on
passed names. The default setting of auto allows clients that support case
sensitive filenames (Linux CIFSVFS and smbclient 3.0.5 and above currently)
to tell the Samba server on a per-packet basis that they wish to access the
file system in a case-sensitive manner (to support UNIX case sensitive
semantics). No Windows or DOS system supports case-sensitive filename so
setting this option to auto is that same as setting it to no for them.
Default auto.

The docs talk about how Linux clients can specify case-sensitivity on a
per-packet basis when "case sensitivity = auto". In my setup, there are no
Windows clients and I do not want any client-side misconfiguration to cause
case-insensitivity in the file system. Therefore, I went with "case
sensitivity = yes" (which seems to imply no performance penalty of the sort
that would result in maxing out the network bandwidth between the server
and the client.

-- Saurabh.

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