[Samba] Problem writing to ADS with cifs mounted windows share on Linux

Krishna G g.krishna1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 14:40:45 UTC 2019


We are facing difficulties writing to Alternate Data Streams (ADS) on a
Windows CIFS mount on CentOS/RHEL Linux.

Steps followed on both machine:


On RHEL(cifs.ko version:  1.68)

   1. Created sample.txt file using vim with come content inside the
   Windows CIFS share mounted on linux.
   2. Then wrote some content with “vim sample.txt:mytext”. This writes
   successfully into ADS.
   3. On windows running “streams.exe sample.txt” we can see the ADS

On CentOS(cifs.ko.xy version:   2.09)

   1. Followed the same above two steps 1 and 2.
   2. It created a new file on linux as “sample.txt<some random char
   replaced>mytext (note the “:” got mapped with some random char)
   3. On windows also the same it shows  “sample.txt<some random char

Have we anything on centOS. While mounting windows share we used “mount -t
cifs <windows path> <local_path>” with and without “-o nomapchars” , “-o
noposixpath” etc. But no success.

Please advice how to proceed further.

Appreciate any guidance provided.




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