[Samba] Linux Mint 19.1, Samba 4.7.6 & WIndows 10

Thomas Rieff trieff at greencaremankato.com
Sat Feb 9 22:26:26 UTC 2019

Thanks for the heads up and making me think about this...too easy to just copy someone elses mistakes. 
Too answer a few items... 
Yes, there are users on the linux and win 10 machines...usernames and passwords match. 
Linux user(s) as permitted are members of the specified group gc55_data2. 
Deleted the @ sign in the force group = @gc55_data2 , and now have force group = gc55_data2 and everything works. 
Have since deleted the line valid users = @gc55_data2 and all still works. 
Will research 'net groupmap' and see what that involves? 
Thanks for the insight. 

On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 21:28:34 +0000 (UTC)
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> Which shows you are running as a standalone server. 
> You should remove the '@' from the 'valid user'. 
> Does the user 'gc55_data2' exist on the Linux Mint machine & on the 
> Windows Computer ? 
> I know that the group 'gc55_data2' will not exist on the Windows 
> machine, but does it exist on the Linux Mint machine ? 
>> Rowland, 
> There is no user gc55_data2, it is a group only for this share 
> and it does exist on the Linux Machine. 

Do you have any users on the Linux machine ? 

Are these users (if any), members of the group gc55_data2 ?

How do you expect a user that doesn't exist to be a 'valid user' ?

> So is valid users in conflict with force group?

Probably, possibly ???
> Should I delete the valid users line entirely?

Well as the 'valid user' doesn't exist, then there isn't a reason for
the line.
> Any other suggestions for proper authentication of users would be
> appreciated.

On a standalone server, you need to replicate your windows users as
Samba and Unix users on the standalone server. The Samba user must have
the same password as the Windows user, the Unix user doesn't need to
have the same password, but it usually does. To put it another way:
You would need this:
Windows user 'fred' would be the the Unix and Samba user 'fred' on the
Linux machine.
You would also map windows groups to Unix groups with the 'net
groupmap' command, in this case, the group names do not need to match.

What you would be running is a 'WORKGROUP' 

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