[Samba] Migrate DC from Small Business Server 2011 to Samba 4

Amélie Le Jeune alejeune at tranquil.it
Thu Dec 19 08:12:43 UTC 2019

Hello Thor, 

>From our experience with one client whom had the same situation as you, we first migrated exchange to another mail system then we migrated the AD part. 
The SBS version we had to migration only allowed a secondary DC for a fixed period of time . 
The Exchange mail extensions were properly handled by Samba, even if they weren't used anymore. 
I don't remember the exact version of SBS it was though. By the way, a domain migration could still be a good idea since you domain ends with a . local suffix. A .lan or ad.yourpublicdomain.fr would be much better. 
However you'll have to join computers but if you create a new domain with the same SID from you old domain, you won't have to migrate user's profiles or shares. 
But in this case you can keep the exchange and the new domain side by side and so migrate the domain first . 

Have a good day , 


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> Objet: [Samba] Migrate DC from Small Business Server 2011 to Samba 4

> Hi,

> I want to migrate a Windows Small Business Server 2011 domain controller
> to Samba 4. The SBS2011 has about 40 users and 100 client computers.
> Also about 50 GPOs are in use. Furthermore there is Exchange running on
> the SBS and it has to stay there for the next couple of month (it will
> be replaced by a new mail system later).

> So far I think I can either try to migrate or start from scratch.

> I guess migration can be done like this (and probably much more steps):
> * install Samba
> * join Samba to the SBS domain
> * sync SYSVOL folder from SBS to Samba
> * move FSMO roles from SBS to Samba (is this even possible with SBS?)
> * actually then shutdown SBS, but wait... It needs to keep running for
> Exchange

> Or should I start from scratch like this:
> * keep the SBS running with old domain (mydomain.local)
> * keep Exchange on the SBS. Should still be possible to connect with
> Outlook.
> * install Samba
> * set up a new domain: mydomain.com
> * create all users with new passwords by a script on Samba server
> * connect all computers to the new domain (do I have to do this manually
> or is there a better way?)
> * move the GPOs to new DC (how?)

> There are probably 1000 things more that I also should think about...

> Thank you,
> Thor

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