[Samba] Migrate DC from Small Business Server 2011 to Samba 4

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Dec 18 16:18:56 UTC 2019

On 18/12/2019 15:41, Thor via samba wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to migrate a Windows Small Business Server 2011 domain 
> controller to Samba 4. The SBS2011 has about 40 users and 100 client 
> computers. Also about 50 GPOs are in use. Furthermore there is 
> Exchange running on the SBS and it has to stay there for the next 
> couple of month (it will be replaced by a new mail system later).
That makes your decision making a lot easier, you cannot extended the 
Samba schema with the exchange schema (as far as I am aware) and even if 
you could, you would be lumbered with it for ever.
> So far I think I can either try to migrate or start from scratch.
> I guess migration can be done like this (and probably much more steps):
> * install Samba
> * join Samba to the SBS domain
> * sync SYSVOL folder from SBS to Samba
> * move FSMO roles from SBS to Samba (is this even possible with SBS?)
> * actually then shutdown SBS, but wait... It needs to keep running for 
> Exchange
> Or should I start from scratch like this:
> * keep the SBS running with old domain (mydomain.local)
> * keep Exchange on the SBS. Should still be possible to connect with 
> Outlook.
> * install Samba
> * set up a new domain: mydomain.com
> * create all users with new passwords by a script on Samba server
> * connect all computers to the new domain (do I have to do this 
> manually or is there a better way?)
> * move the GPOs to new DC (how?)
I would start with a new domain. Your computers will need to leave the 
old domain and then join the new one, this will probably have to be done 
manually (just a question here, how does a user use 2.5 computers at 
once ?). I think you will have to recreate the GPOs in the new domain, 
they are stored in SYSVOL and AD.
> There are probably 1000 things more that I also should think about...
No, more like a million ;-)


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