[Samba] Ubuntu Bionic Samba 4.11.4 now available on my repo.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Dec 17 15:17:51 UTC 2019


Im starting to upload the new package for samba 4.11.4
Ubuntu Bionic packages are uploaded already. (amd64/i386)

If one want to rebuild these for a higher ubuntu or debian version.
Please take note of this table. 
The minimal dependecies needed to build 4.11.4 and what i used. 

Dependecies		minimal	LvB-Repo
talloc		'2.2.0'	2.3.1	
tdb			'1.4.2'	1.4.3
tevent		'0.10.0'	0.10.2
ldb			'2.0.8'	2.0.8
cmocka		'1.1.3'	1.1.5
nss_wrapper	 	'1.1.6'	1.1.7
resolv_wrapper 	'1.1.4'	1.1.5
uid_wrapper 	'1.2.4'	1.2.7
socket_wrapper	'1.2.3'	1.2.3
pam_wrapper 	'1.0.7'	1.0.7
Then Samba

All packages are synced against (again) with the Debian Official samba packages and used are the settings from Debian sid or Debian salsa (git).
+ my few small changes. ( like spotlight enabled ). 

If you need to rebuild more then samba only, then as the table is showing,
do it in this order.  ( the table top-down ) 

Debian Buster packages are done in 2 steps, the amd64/i386 are done but not uploaded.
I'm waiting for the armhf package to finish and same for the Raspbian packages. 
So patience, these are coming. 

So far, 
Have fun with these. 



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