[Samba] AIX 7.1 Samba4.10.6 missing library

Bob Wyatt bwyatt_sub at comcast.net
Fri Dec 13 23:22:17 UTC 2019

I'm installing Samba on an AIX 7.1 system.

I have to use the IBM variant because of their SSL package, or so I think.


I'm down to one requisite needed for samba-common-4.10.6-1.

Which is libldb-key-value-samba4.so.

If it is available on their Toolbox site, I can't find which library package
I need to get it.

I tried yum on CentOS 6 to get a clue, no such luck.


I tried getting into the developerworks forum. no luck there.


Would there be any ideas on what I need to find and where to find it that
won't break an AIX installation?


Bob Wyatt




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