[Samba] 3 domains, full trust between all, move samba server join to other domain

Coert lgroups at vlymskerp.net
Tue Dec 10 10:35:27 UTC 2019

Hello all,

I have a Samba file server running that is member of a windows AD domain.

Later I added 2 more domains with a full trust relationship between all 
3. (all are Windows AD)

Everything works perfectly, wbinfo -u/-g shows all users/groups from all 
3 domains, and ACLs work perfectly.

I now want to decommission 2 of the domains, and leave only 1 domain.

Lets say they are:

domain1old (to be decommissioned)

domain2old (to be decommissioned and domain Samba server currently 
joined on)

domain3new (domain to remain, where Samba server needs to be joined/moved)

As stated, there is a full trust relationship between all 3 domains.

The samba server is member of domain2old, and I want to keep all ACLs 
and such but join it on domain3new

Can I simply change /etc/krb5.conf default_realm to domain3new and run 
net ads join again?

Thank you in advance,


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