[Samba] Conditional Forwarder / Organizatation Administrator

Dirk Streubel dirk.streubel at posteo.de
Mon Dec 9 12:28:34 UTC 2019

Hello everybody,

just two question, maybe somebody can help me.

I have installed a Samba DC on Debian Buster with the latest packages from Louis van Belle.

Everything is working fine. For testing the AD i use a Windows 10 Client with the RSAT Tools.

So, my first question : why is the function " Conditional Forwarder" not working under Samba.

I found something from 2013 that tells me that the function is not working.

The next question is this: i can not the an "Organization Admin" in the GUI. But is the
"Organization Admin" not necessary to

join a Windows 2012 to a Samba Domain? Or i am total wrong?




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