[Samba] security = ads, backend = ad parameter not working in samba 4.10.10

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Dec 5 19:27:16 UTC 2019

On 05/12/2019 19:08, Sérgio Basto wrote:
> I did a new AD with a new name.
You get more than a new name
> Samba 4.0.0 don't have demote
Yes, but you could have upgraded to a version that did.
> , I move from a Sernet software to a free
> and open software in Centos 7 (I use RedHat flavor since 2001) .
How did you manage to provision an AD DC using red-hat packages ?
> I just migrate the users and his password nothing more  ... I had to
> remove a lot of fields,  OU(s) etc for example: [1] .

Just which user attributes did you migrate ?

The users objectSid would have contained the SID of the old Domain, for 

> And is working very well, I'm very happy, yesterday I upgrade all DC(s)
> to samba 4.10.10 and it was very smooth .
This sure surprises me, people have upgrading correctly and have had 
> And well, I want add a new uidNumber and gidNumber to every user and
> group in AD , how I can do that  ? to use backend = ad , I want use
> backend = ad .
You can write a script to do this using ldbmodify, or there is 'Adam' 
produced by one of regular poster, see here:


Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with his git at the moment :-(

Or you can wait until 4.12.0 is released, samba-tool will then be able 
to do it for you.


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