[Samba] flood of (auth in progress) connections from unresponsive windows client crashing samba

David Walling walling at tacc.utexas.edu
Fri Aug 30 17:15:58 UTC 2019

/etc/samba/user_and_group_map.txt contains Windows username/group to linux username/group mappings.  In our setup, all users exist in ldap, as do the directory groups, but the linux user and group information (namely uid/gid) do not.  This has been setup such that the users connect to samba as the windows username (ex. PRODUCTION+user1) for an authroized group (PRODUCTION+group1), but the files and permissions on the linux samba server are created and managed with the appropriate uid/gids.



I do not believe we are using sssd, but are using winbind.  Its quite possible we don't have this setup optimally, but this setup does work as needed, outside of these occasional crash/unresponsive states.


David W.

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