[Samba] no DNS functionality on second subnet

Andreas Habel andreas.habel at uis.no
Thu Aug 29 12:50:03 UTC 2019


we have successfully installed our samba4 AD domain with AD DC, smb file server and Windows/Linux clients in the same subnet.

Now we try to add a couple of Windows PCs to the domain that are located in a different subnet. As soon as the AD DC is added as the DNS server on the Windows clients it is no longer possible to resolve ip addresses. In other words, for those PCs DNS is not working.

We added
-       the new clients to our DNS using samba-tool dns add
-       a new reverse lookup zone for the new subnet and filled it using samba-tool dns add
-       a new subnet in RSAT Active Directory Sites and Services

Routing seems to be OK - we can run telnet <IP of AD DC> 53 from one of the "new" Windows clients and a connection will be established. However, analyses from wireshark/tshark show that on DNS requests there is never an answer from our AD DC.

It seems that we are missing something here - any help would be appreciated.


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