[Samba] Upgrading samba and OS - can I rejoin ?

thom_schu at gmx.de thom_schu at gmx.de
Sun Aug 25 19:49:00 UTC 2019

I want to upgrade samba 4.8.2 to samba 4.10.7. According to here:


best way is to rejoin the server after the upgrade.
But also I need to upgrade the OS, in my case it means a new installation from the OS,
because an upgrade is not possible, the old and the new version are to different.

Can I do this the same way as described in the samba docu "Rejoining the upgraded DC"?

I stop all samba services, then install a complete new OS and after this I install the new samba version
and (re)join the server ?
Just asking, because I didnt know, that I can (re)join a server, which was already joined.
I thought it is necessary to demote this server, before I can join a server with a name, which already exists.


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