[Samba] nfsv4-acls for cifs and nfsv4

thoralf schulze t.schulze at tu-berlin.de
Fri Aug 23 13:56:09 UTC 2019

hi there -

is it possible to share a directory via samba and (kernel-)nfsv4 in
parallel and make samba use (ie.: read, write and enforce) nfsv4 acls to
implement winnt-acls?

i know that using nfs3 and posix acls is working halfway okay, but
couldn't find anything useful for nfsv4 and the associated acls - sorry
if i missed something obvious. i played around with the nfs4acl_xattr
and acl_xattr vfs objects, only to find that the extended attributes
written by those are entirely different from the system.posix_acl_access
that nfsv4 seems to use. would re-exporting a nfsv4 share mounted on a
nfsv4 client via samba work?

thank you very much & with kind regards,

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