[Samba] Serverinfo Error

Robert A Wooldridge bob.wooldridge at edm-inc.com
Wed Aug 21 19:30:31 UTC 2019

On 08/21/2019 02:21 PM, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
> I'm wondering if there's a better approach to this?  I only have 
> around 30 accounts.  Is there any way that I can just create the same 
> domain from scratch with a fresh Samba machine and get rid of the old 
> DCs completely?  Would all the workstations be able to join the new 
> domain even though it would have the same name?
> Time for a bit of info here, the thing that really identifies an AD 
> domain is the SID, this is in the format 
> 'S-1-5-21-1111111111-2222222222-3333333333'. You could have two 
> domains with the same name, but with different SIDs (note that I not 
> saying you should do this, there would still be confusion).
> What I am trying to say is, you could reuse your existing domain name 
> for a new one, but you would need to (ideally) remove your 
> workstations from the existing domain, turn off the windows DC and 
> then start the Samba DC. You would then need to join your workstations 
> to the new domain. You will also need to create any required users and 
> groups in your new domain.
Yes, I don't see this as being too difficult.  And I could start out 
with the most recent supported security level, that's what I really want 
and need.  As well as getting off the Windoze OS and hardware game.
> This is guaranteed to work, the other option of trying to fix your 
> existing domain isn't, it probably will, but will take more time and 
> effort.
Yes, this seems like a better way to go.  So I just need to shut down my 
Server 2003 DC (and any samba machines) and then just create the new 
domain.  Or should I make sure to exit each workstation from the domain 

Bob Wooldridge
EDM Incorporated

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