[Samba] winbind on DC : how use gidNumber instead of primaryGroupID as user's primary group

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Aug 21 08:43:22 UTC 2019

Hai Baptiste,

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> Thank you very much Louis for your help !!!
Your welkom. 
> You have got exactly the same conclusion than me. On DC it's not
> possible to make winbind return the gid I want. And on members
> everything is coherent. (Note that the group corresponding to gid on
> DC seems to be always the first group displayed after Domain Users).
> And these uid/gid are used by the nfsv4 server to manage files. So if
> my nfsv4 server is on a DC :
> -> When on the member my testuser (uid=testuser, gid=teachers) create
> a file on the nfsv4 share
> -> The DC translate the user uid/gid and create a file owner by
> "testuser:domain users"
> -> If I check the file uid/gid from member I see 
> "uid=testuser, gid=domain user"
> So the "problem" is that, with the nfsv4 server on DC, when my users
> create files with uid=A/gid=B, the file is created with
> uid=A,gid=Domain Users.

This should not really be a problem as long as your using "Creator Owner/Creator Group" ( chmod 3XXX 4XXX) 
There is more about this, im writing that out in my new howto's. 
This has all todo with the network desigh and file/folder setup, as in your rights structure. 

> For years I found problematic this limitation about serve files on DC.
Yes, and here the solution is very simpel, stop using the DC as fileserver. 

> How do to design your network Louis to get a member file server ?
> -> You use virtualization ?
Yes, i use virtualization, i use XCP-NG the free/opensource version of Xenserver. 
I like it. 

> -> You use LXC ?
No, never have. 

> -> You use two physical servers ?
Uh.. I have about 10 physicals here and about 15 virtuals. 

> How OP do in general here ? Is there some tutorial about LXC setup for
> samba around here ? I have only one physical server....
Show me the specs of  you server:
How much and in RAID X?  
Possible also the RPM if its not SSD

I'll have a look at it, what is wize to say. 

> @Louis :
> It's seems that we are working you and me on network design for
> school/enterprise no ? 

And yes, currently im writing my new howto ( on a secret website ;-) ). 
I'm writing out my running network here and yeah, that is enterprize ready. 
Note, i started 2 days ago with it, so before its online.. 
Well, that will take a bit more time, im also adding why i do things a certain way. 

> If you are interested I try to publish my work now :
> https://github.com/prunkdump/sclustered
That looks interesting. 

> Maybe we can works together or exchange some part of our design. If
> you have a virtual machine emulator you can get my setup running in
> less than 30 minutes (I use puppet for configuration). If you want
> some info contact me by email.

Well, i never used puppet, i did have a look at that, but never tried it. 
Its on my list, to learn, but atm time is not my friend, it does not happen often,
but i really have to do some work in the office..  :-( 

But sure we can always share/exchange design/setup parts. 
Once i have written the setup of AD-DC + an DC join + an member.
Then we could talk, because then you have, 
what i use as base setup and the how and why i use that as base. 

So far,

> Regards,
> Baptiste.



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