[Samba] symlink in a share

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Aug 14 12:25:56 UTC 2019

Am 14.08.19 um 14:15 schrieb Pisch Tamás via samba:
> I wanted to use a symlink in a share, but it didn't work. I tried it
> on Samba 4.10. I thought that
> follow symlinks = yes
> is enough (and it is default). I googled about it, and found a solution:
> unix extensions = no
> in the global section, and
> wide links = Yes
> follow symlinks = yes
> in the shares' section. According to the man,
> unix extensions = yes
> is the default, but the
> samba-tool testparm -s smb.conf.master
> output didn't include the
> unix extensions = no
> option. After I inserted it into the smb.conf, and reloaded Samba, I
> could step into the symlinked directory.

well, if you prefer terrible insecure configurations you can do that
while a snesible setup would just contain an additional share to that

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