[Samba] vfs_shadow_copy2 not working

douxevip douxevip at protonmail.com
Sat Aug 10 23:22:53 UTC 2019

So I'm trying to get shadow copies to work with Windows clients. The snapshots are being stored at /test/.zfs/snapshot

The snapshots are being named like so:


This is in my smb.conf:

vfs objects = shadow_copy2
shadow:snapdir = /test/.zfs/snapshot
shadow:snapprefix = ^autosnap_
shadow:format = %Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S_\(frequently\)\{0,1\}\(hourly\)\{0,1\}\(daily\)\{0,1\}\(monthly\)\{0,1\}
#shadow:delimiter = _
shadow:sort = desc
shadow:localtime = no

I've also tried it with the delimiter line uncommented (and then removing the underscore from the snapprefix), I've tried putting the shadow:format syntax between quotation marks ("") as well, but it doesn't just show up in Windows.

I think that syntax should just work according to the manual. Why is it not working?

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