[Samba] Standalone Server User Import / Export

David Ayers ayers at fsfe.org
Thu Aug 8 15:04:08 UTC 2019


when using Samba [4.5.16-Debian] as standalone server in Windows
environment to allow certain users to access shares, we are currently
using the default tdbsam backend with a bunch of users.

We now want to migrate the users from one standalone server to a
replacement server.  To migrate the users I expected to able to export
the users (incl. passwords) into a file on one server, copy the file
over to the new server and import the users there.  Specifically I
expected using:

old: pdbedit -e tdbsam:/root/samba.user.tdbexp
new: pdbedit -I tdbsam:/root/samba.user.tdbexp

would do the trick.  A file is created during the export.  The import
does not complain and has a return value indicating success.  But
pdbedit -L (-v) does not list any of the imported users.

I've been trying to locate documentation how to cleanly administrate a
standalone server but haven't found much more than:

Is there any further documentation?

Thank you!
David Ayers

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