[Samba] Migrate from 3.5.21 or start anew?

Steve Wolf stevewolf at officeworld.com
Tue Aug 6 20:36:58 UTC 2019

Hello Samba List, 

I am trying to figure the best way to move forward with bringing a Samba setup up to date. 

We currently have a Samba DC running version 3.5.21. This is running on an old Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 box. There are about 20 users in the domain, a couple of groups, and about 10 shares. About 20 Windows 7 PCs are joined to the domain. 

We’d like to end up with a Samba Active Directory setup, running on the current version of Samba, on a new server (probably running Debian). Likely two servers, eventually for failover purposes, but that’s not as relevant. Once the new Samba AD is up and running, we’ll be migrating users to Windows 10 PCs. 

So, what’s the best course of action for the upgrade? Should I be looking at upgrading the existing Samba server in place to Samba 4 with AD? Or is that going to be difficult with the old version of Linux running on the DC? Given the low user/PC count, perhaps it makes more sense just to build a new domain and join the PCs to it, migrating user profiles with a tool like [ https://www.forensit.com/domain-migration.html | ForensIT’s User Profile Wizard ] ? 

Does anyone have any experience with a similar upgrade? 

Thanks for your help, 


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