[Samba] more cleanup: mis-named AD user

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Aug 5 13:38:03 UTC 2019

On 05/08/2019 14:27, Stefan G. Weichinger via samba wrote:
> Am 05.08.19 um 10:41 schrieb Rowland penny via samba:
>> On 05/08/2019 09:33, Stefan G. Weichinger via samba wrote:
>>> The saga around the misnamed DC seems over, so let's open a new thread
>>> ;-)
>>> In the same AD I see this:
>>> in smbstatus I see a smbd-PID for a Username "root", Group "root"
>>> But the actual user logged in is another one. So I assume there has been
>>> some wrong mapping/naming in the past.
>> Who is logged in ? and what are they trying to do ?
>> Also, where are they logged in ?
> Just some plain Windows-10-user on a PC ... using file shares etc
> Or do I misunderstand the question?
>>> For sure I'd like to avoid deleting/recreating that user.
>> You shouldn't have to, though you may have to change something in the
>> users AD object.
>>> Any ideas how to approach this?
>> Yes, give us more info ;-)
> Happy to do so.
> Where to start?
Well, I cannot ask for the smb.conf from the client because there isn't 
one ;-)

When you get the root 'PID', have you tried searching in the Samba logs 
for the 'PID' ?

This may provide more info


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