[Samba] Windows clients require reboot once a day in order to access mapped drives

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Apr 30 09:21:51 UTC 2019



> As I said, where is the fault, is it something that Windows 10 is or
> isn't doing, or is it Samba ?
> Well, we cannot change Windows, so on that basis, I think you should
> make a Samba bug report and let it work through the system.
> Rowland

Well, yes, we can change windows, by allowing/disallowing SMB1. 
Which might help in detecting whats off..  

I would check 3 things here before this is reported as bug. 

Kerberos/Authentication. krb5.conf, Did you change the : clockskew or renew_lifetime
Set only this : 
    default_realm = YOUR.REALM.TLD
    dns_lookup_kdc = true
    dns_lookup_realm = false

;; optinal. 
;    forwardable = true
;    proxiable = true
;    ticket_lifetime = 24h	<< one you can try as LAST option. 
;    ccache_type = 4

Are the pc's connected to multiple servers. Then on these servers run : smbstatus -A
Check these outputs. 

The windows clients, do these have SMB1 still enabled or not? 
And what are the windows eventlogs telling ( post event id and part of description ).

Now, you can try these also. I tested samba 4.9.6 and 4.10.2 on Debian 9. 

    smb encrypt = required
    client min protocol = SMB2
    client max protocol = SMB3



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