[Samba] DNS forwarding not working.

durwin at mgtsciences.com durwin at mgtsciences.com
Fri Apr 26 18:42:13 UTC 2019

I followed this url to set up Samba AD DC.

I do have it working.  I am testing with a Windows 10 VM as a member of 
the domain.
The machine joins the domain.  Also, as administrator, I can create and 
Group Policies. from this Windows machine.

I have a Fedora 29 server which serves DHCP and DNS (and DDNS).  This all 
When I installed Samba DC, I specified this DNS server as a forwarder.

On the DC server (named dc0) I can enter command,
> dig other_machine_in_lan
and get correct response.
If I enter this command,
> dig @localhost other_machine_in_lan
It fails.  Dig from domain member of course also fails.

I know you may need more information to diagnose, but there are so many 
files that could
be part of the problem I do not know which to send.

I'd appreciate any direction.

Thank you,


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