[Samba] Samba 4.10.0 smbclient uses -U ( no -k ) but still tries to use kerberos

Tompkins, Michael Michael.Tompkins at xerox.com
Mon Apr 22 13:58:27 UTC 2019

If we invoke smbclient -U user%pass  it still tries to use Kerberos, even without the -k option. It looks like the default is CRED_AUTO_USE_KERBEROS, but this causes a performance hit. Is there a way we make the default be CRED_DONT_USE_KERBEROS ? I tried a couple of things in the smb.conf file, but it still defaults to try to use Kerberos.

bool get_cmdline_auth_info_fallback_after_kerberos(const struct user_auth_info *auth_info)
                enum credentials_use_kerberos krb5_state;

                krb5_state = cli_credentials_get_kerberos_state(auth_info->creds);

                if (krb5_state == CRED_AUTO_USE_KERBEROS) {
                                return true;

Always returns true ...

Mike Tompkins

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