[Samba] Time Synchronisation - SELinux Labeling and Policy

adam_xu at adagene.com.cn adam_xu at adagene.com.cn
Wed Apr 17 03:24:15 UTC 2019

Hi Marco Gemignani, sambalist,

 that's easy. I use chrony. please run some commands like me:
semanage fcontext -a -t chronyd_var_lib_t "/var/lib/samba/ntp_signd(/.*)?"
restorecon -Rv /var/lib/samba/ntp_signd

note: change your label to ntpd_t if you use ntpd.


yours Adam
From: Marco Gemignani via samba
Date: 2019-04-17 00:47
To: samba
Subject: [Samba] Time Synchronisation - SELinux Labeling and Policy
hi, i want set selinux to usw with ntpd
but when i run (as described in wiki)
semanage -a -t ntpd_t "/usr/local/samba/var/lib/ntp_signd"
i have that error
usage: semanage [-h]
semanage: error: argument subcommand: invalid choice: 'ntpd_t' (choose from 'import', 'export', 'login', 'user', 'port', 'ibpkey', 'ibendport', 'interface', 'module', 'node', 'fcontext', 'boolean', 'permissive', 'dontaudit')
[root at dc ~]#
my sistem is a centos 7
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