[Samba] dcpromo on W2k8 R2 server with existing Samba AD domin fails to complete

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Apr 17 00:41:02 UTC 2019


On 11/04/19 6:20 PM, M B via samba wrote:
> Also, when I view my domain info with RSAT “Active Directory Users and Computers” I don’t see any CN called “Configuration” which is the CN that the dcpromo window is displaying when it stops progressing. 
Users and computers only shows a few select containers, and not the
entire LDAP tree.
> The little animation in the status window just keeps going too! It’s taunting me with the illusion of progress.

If you had a wireshark trace and could pick out the (RPC) error from it,
perhaps you could learn something more from that. Windows is pretty
awful with error messages and debugging this kind of thing.

It doesn't sound like your directory is all that large (a few thousand
users, computers or other objects maybe?). Have you run a 'samba-tool
dbcheck' on your domain? If you've been upgrading from older versions,
there might be minor inconsistencies that Windows doesn't like and
dbcheck might be able to fix. I would probably try that first.



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