[Samba] The wisdom - or otherwise - of replacing outright rather than merely appending to the example smb.conf file shipped with SAMBA during new server commissioning?

Stephen stephen at ogdenradar.com
Tue Apr 16 10:40:10 UTC 2019

I have a general question regarding smb.conf and I was hoping that some 
of the rather more knowledgeable and experienced people here could 
please comment please?

I am currently setting my various SAMBA systems up via some 
shell-scripts. Within these scripts, I remove the stock smb.conf shipped 
with Samba and replace this with an empty smb.conf file to which I add 
my own configuration options afterwards. Obviously I COULD instead 
simply append my changes to the existing file. However currently i just 
remove the existing smb.conf and start again with a blank file because 
the alternative seemed like more hassle!

Am I potentially risking the security of my systems by replacing the 
stock smb.conf shipped with Samba in this way? Obviously doing what I 
have just described will erase all the default configuration settings 
shipped in the installation.
Are any of the shipped default configuration parameters essential to 
have from a security perspective? Am I doing something stupid here?

Stephen Ellwood

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