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Christian Naumer cn at brain-biotech.de
Fri Apr 12 07:23:59 UTC 2019

Am 11.04.19 um 23:37 schrieb Vex Mage via samba:
> The problem is that there is no apparent upgrade path for the old system.
> The corner stone of this deployment is that there's an existing centralized
> authentication server however; Samba4 seems wants a paradigm shift so that
> it becomes the princess of its own castle. It seems to me that it has
> become the very thing that birthed its creation, a monster that wants to
> strand its user base into its own proprietary system. All I trying to do is
> to make Windows play nice with an existing open source authentication
> server but all I'm hearing from the Samba project are vain, and to be quite
> frank very condescending tones about switching all authentication to its AD
> server. In my opinion the Samba project has devolved since I've last had to
> work with it and it has become inflexible and passé. I do not think that
> there will be a place for Samba if Microsoft continues to extend it's
> offering to open source community. I didn't want to believe my compatriots
> about the Samba4 issue. I feel like the terrorists have already won.
> I really do appreciate that you took your time to reply but everything you
> have said has been vapid, the mantra of a dead rhetoric. Thank you for at
> least trying. Have a great day.

What Rowland didn't say but what he was trying to get across is that
Microsoft deprecated NT-domains years ago. They broke compatibility to
them in win10 twice already. It is just a mater of time until they won't
fix them if they break them again. So an ActiveDirectory is the way that
MS will want you to go.

If you still want stick to an old style NT domain you can just take your
old smb.conf and use it with samba4. With newer version you might need
small changes but the code for the NT domains is still there. But you
might wake up one morning after an MS update and nothing works. And you
will not be able to fix it.



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