[Samba] selftest

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Apr 1 20:55:48 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-04-01 at 20:34 +0200, Manfred via samba wrote:
> Thanks for the reply,
> Besides the problem with
> source4/lib/messaging/messaging_handlers.c,
> Good to hear that selftest is actively used, then do I understand it 
> right that 'make test' should succeed?

After about four hours, yes. 

> My bigger problem is that it failed with lots of errors.
> This must be a problem with my build, then, but since this is a fresh 
> tarball I am a bit puzzled.
> I would appreciate some hint on where to start looking for any mistake.
> My environment:
> Fedora 28
> ./configure --enable-selftest
> make -j16
> make test
> All run as the ordinary user - I understand from the 2012 talk that 
> 'root' privileges should not be needed. Do I get this wrong?

Root privileges are not required.  While 'make test' is intended to
pass generally, the reference environment is Ubuntu 14.04 (soon to be
upgraded to 18.04 for the next release).

We would need to see the errors to diagnose further. 

Andrew Bartlett

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