[Samba] Can only access new SAMBA fileshare from Windows as privileged user SAMDOM/Administrator, not as an ordinary user.

Stephen stephen at ogdenradar.com
Mon Apr 1 14:12:21 UTC 2019

Hi Rowland, thanks for your suggestions. I have read and re-read the 
Samba docs to try and understand where I went wrong here.

I added the uidNumber and gidNumber exactly as per your comments and 
that seems to improve the situation markedly. I can now at least see 
that the share exists from SAMDOM\stephenellwood which wasn't possible 
before. File access is now possible from SAMDOM/stephenellwood when I 
configure NTFS security permissions to allow read and write access for 
group Everyone.

I am still seeing issues with fileshare access from custom AD groups 
though. For example, I removed the NTFS security permissions access to 
group Everyone on my share. I then created a group OgdenFilesUsers using 
the ADUC RSAT tool and added SAMDOM/stephenellwood to this. Even when 
security permissions are set for OgdenFilesUsers to allow read and write 
permissions it still won't seem to allow access. For good measure I then 
went and set the gidNumber attribute for my newly created 
OgdenFilesUsers group to 10001 but that didn't make any difference.

Stephen Ellwood

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