[Samba] Can't access samba because "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_INVALID_SID"

Junior Oliveira emersonjr.eng at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 16:32:38 UTC 2018

 I have an instance of samba 4 where users gonna authenticate on it through
a OpenLDAP server. The user from LDAP are already configured with samba
credentials. The issue is that they are set with an SID different from the
one of my machine with samba 4, i guess it's because there was an old samba
3 in use when these users were created. When i create a new user with
"smbldap-tools", it logs in the samba correctly, but the old users don't.
Anyways, all the users either old or new need to use this samba 4 now.
Should i change the SID of my samba instance to the old set on the old
users in order to settle this problem? What would be the best solution for

Thanks in advance.

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