[Samba] Debian Stretch AMD64 only, Samba 4.9.1 more tryouts. ( TimeMachine)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Sep 26 07:52:55 UTC 2018

Hai Daniel, 

Thank you for the feedback. Very apriciated. :-) 
And very nice to share the configs also, i've put them online. 

The can be found here and i've mentiont this also on the apt.van-belle.nl site.
Link to configs: http://downloads.van-belle.nl/samba4/examples/

If there are any other TimeMachine users on the list, can you have a look please.
If we can optimize this even more, that would be nice.
If possible:
- Use the default as much as possible.
- Remove default settings if shown in the smb.conf
- Use blocks in the configs so i can separated it in parts. 
- Add comments to explain things why we have set sometime which is not the default. 

For example ( http://downloads.van-belle.nl/samba4/examples/samba-491-conf.txt ) this part. 
# Special configuration for Apple's Time Machine
    fruit:model = MacPro
    fruit:advertise_fullsync = true
    fruit:aapl = yes
    acl allow execute always = yes
    wide links = yes
    follow symlinks = yes
    unix extensions = no

What i dont know here for example is: 
Is this needed for TimeMachine? Or should be keep this in the more general section.
    acl allow execute always = yes 
    wide links = yes
    follow symlinks = yes
    unix extensions = no

The share, the same question, 
if for example, 
    acl allow execute always = yes  
is really needed, can we put it in the share options. 
And not comprimise all shares with exec rights for example. 

    path = /storage/SAMBA_timemachine/%U
    comment = "Time Machine"
    browseable = yes
    create mask = 0600
    directory mask = 0700
    vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr
    fruit:time machine = yes
    fruit:aapl = yes
    spotlight = yes
    writable = yes
    durable handles = yes
    kernel oplocks = no
    kernel share modes = no
    posix locking = no
    ea support = yes
    read only = No
    inherit acls = yes

Im asking because I dont have an Apple to test this.
Please note, if you test this with my 4.9.1 package, these are NOT PRODUCTION READY yet, but usable.
And note, this is not available in the default debian packages. 

Please use this for the install.
apt-get install samba

Then as workaround for the Guest bug, enable the idmap * lines. ( which prevents starting smbd when winbind is installed )
sed -i 's/;   idmap config \* :              backend = tdb/    idmap config \* :              backend = tdb/g' /etc/samba/smb.conf 
sed -i 's/;   idmap config \* :              range   = 3000-7999/    idmap config \* :              range   = 3000-7999/g' /etc/samba/smb.conf 
# And optional install winbind 
apt-get install winbind



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