[Samba] Heterogeneous mix OS smb share home redirection

Robert Wooden bob at donelsontrophy.com
Fri Sep 21 17:23:23 UTC 2018

That, essentially is where I am trying to go. The ability for the user to
save a file on their Windows workstation and go log in at a linux
workstation and the file is there.

In my readings I see hints of Windows policy issues in some sharing
situations (like I am thinking of implementing) in that Windows activation
can be affected, among other issues.

I will look into "locking/cache coherence".

Thanks for your answer.

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 10:50 AM, David C <dcsysengineer at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Sep 2018, 12:54 Robert Wooden via samba, <samba at lists.samba.org>
> wrote:
>> I have been reading every article I can find to determine how to share
>> home
>> directory redirection across multiple OS workstations.
>> The end result I am looking for is to store user home directory on a
>> member
>> server and allow (in my case) Windows and Linux (Ubuntu in my case)
>> workstations to access their home directory in a single sign (to any OS)
>> situation. (On Ubuntu, leaning toward using winbind authentication. Yes,
>> sssd works but sssd is more a redhat based option, not that it does not
>> work with Ubuntu.)
>> I have been doing "folder redirection" of Windows workstations for years
>> with roaming profiles using GPO policies.
>> Yes, Centrify and PBIS are viable options but, (again, in my case) I would
>> prefer to use generally available linux OS solutions.
>> Comes my question, is it a good or bad idea to share home directory in
>> this
>> heterogeneous workstation mix?
> I've worked in many places that do this. If you have separate groups of
> Linux and Windows users i.e the Windows users will never log into Linux and
> vice versa then it's pretty straightforward to set up. If the users will be
> switching between each OS it's still pretty straightforward but you have
> some considerations around locking/cache coherence.
>> And question two, how are others doing this?
> At my current shop, Samba for Windows, nfs for Linux. All Linux boxes are
> joined to the domain (in this case AD) with Winbind, file servers also
> joined with Winbind. Winbind is using rfc2307 and uid/gid/shells/home
> directory paths are all stored centrally in LDAP (AD)
> Samba exports of the home dirs are mapped as a network drive in Windows
> and Desktop, Downloads, Documents are redirected to the network drive
> The upshot of this is a user can log into Windows, save a file on her
> desktop, log into Linux and the file will be accessible on her Linux
> desktop.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thank you.
>> Bob Wooden
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Thank you.

Bob Wooden

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