[Samba] let NT domain "fade out" ?

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Fri Sep 14 08:52:16 UTC 2018

another special situation ;-)

old server at customer runs samba-4.5.15 (not that relevant for my 
questions but while I am at it ...) and is a "classic PDC" -> NT4 based

Yes, I know, I should upgrade/migrate that domain to ADS.

But that customer basically does not have financial power ;-) and I wait 
for my money for months every time I write an invoice.

So I want to avoid additional work ... at least where I can.

I assume we will hit the wall as soon as Microsoft does some more 
changes to Windows sooner or later.

I wonder what happens if I then remove the PDC ... ? Turn it off, set up 
a standalone server ...

We talk about 2 or 3 users there right now.

Another option might be to create a new ADS domain on the 2nd fileserver 
(I prepare a debian-based server already) and bite the bullet and join 
the machines there and recreate their profiles.

(I can't remember right now if they run Win7 or Win10, got to check that)


regards, Stefan

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