[Samba] samba-tool ldapcmp attribute order

Jakob Lenfers lenfers at bigsss-bremen.de
Fri Sep 7 05:34:20 UTC 2018

Hi List,

I successfully added a new schema to my DCs a couple of weeks ago (and
didn't do anything with it yet.) Today I wanted to edit the schema some
more but found the samba-tool ldapcmp command and ran it between my two DCs:

| * Comparing [SCHEMA] context...
| * Objects to be compared: 1562
| Comparing:
| 'CN=bssGroup,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=bss,DC=example,DC=com'
| 'CN=bssGroup,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=bss,DC=example,DC=com'
|     Difference in attribute values:
|         mayContain =>
| ['bssMailAddresses', 'bssMailForwardingAddress', 'bssloginScript']
| ['bssLoginScript', 'bssMailAddresses', 'bssMailForwardingAddress']
|     FAILED
| * Result for [SCHEMA]: FAILURE

The attributes are the same, but seem in a different order. My
understanding of LDAP says that it doesn't matter, but of course I'm
worried, especially since all documentation stresses how dangerous it is
to meddle with the AD schema...

I run Ubuntu packages, 4.7.6-Ubuntu

Thanks in advance,

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