[Samba] Transfer samba to another machine

Konstantin Boyandin lists at boyandin.info
Fri Sep 7 04:06:35 UTC 2018

Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote 2018-09-06 17:33:
> On Thu, 2018-09-06 at 11:50 +0200, Slim Ontario via samba wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've a migrated samba-ad on my test-machine. Is it possible to
>> transfer the
>> samba directory (stored under /var/lib/samba) to another machine/my
>> productive system?
>> I would to these steps:
>> - install samba and dependencies on new host
>> - transfer my /var/lib/samba, /etc/krb5.conf and /etc/samba
>> - start samba service
>> Do I have other things to consider?
> We generally prefer folks to join a new DC to the domain, transfer
> roles, sync sysvol and then demote, as this allows you to try out the
> new DC before the old one is gone.
> However if you must, the above is OK if you keep the same 'netbios
> name' and don't run both at the same time.

Is there a "dump/restore" method, instead of copying the Samba database 
files (which means I must stop Samba for the duration of copying)?

> Better still is using Samba 4.9 to backup the old domain and restore it
> again.

I am using Samba 4.7.6 on Ubuntu 18.04. AFAIK, Samba 4.9 isn't stable 
release yet (so I won't risk placing it into use outside a sandbox).

If there's convenient and portable way of dumping/loading Samba 4.7+ 
data, I would also appreciate mentioning it, immensely.



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