[Samba] Setup a Samba AD DC as an additional DC

Barry D. Adkins Barry at daram.com
Wed Nov 28 09:14:22 UTC 2018

>> Then question after this.
>> ERROR(runtime): uncaught exception - (9601,
>I personally have come to the conclusion that, whilst the DNS records are in his Windows AD, they are not being replicated because he isn't running a DNS server on >any of his Windows DC's, I could be wrong, but that's what I now think.
ABSOLUTELY EVERY windows DC is running DNS and Integrated AD DNS.  There are 3 Windows DCs.  2 at the home Site 1 - 2008 and 1-2012.  1 at other site 2012.  ALL running AD Integrated DNS.

>> This DC your adding, are you useing bind9_DLZ or internal DNS from 
> >samba itself? I suspect resolving problems.
>As far as I am aware, he is using the internal dns server.
YES, it is internal dns server on the Ubuntu Server that I am trying to turn into a Samba AD DC.

I am NOT against doing BIND9, just that it seemed somewhat tedious and I wanted to try to do a little at a time to migrate AWAY from Microsoft Servers/etc.

I have to get some sleep... so I may not respond to Luis' post until "my" morning... ;-)

Barry Adkins

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