[Samba] No good way to migrate 4.1 on Server A to 4.7.6 on New Server B

Glenn Bergeron glenn at gbitservices.ca
Mon Nov 26 02:46:18 UTC 2018

Update to the below: Amazingly, I now seem to have everything working. All told, for this migration project, there were a lot of things that had to be manually fixed after transferring to the new server. The final few things I had to do tonight seems to have cleared the rest of my issues up. Those were:

- Change the DHCP server on the firewall so it gives out the new server's IP for the DNS server. 
- Shut down old server
- For each user profile, change their roaming profile path to the new server, from the old one. IE: Changed from \\isofs\profiles\<username> to \\isofs2\profiles\<username>.

What I tried first and what failed was changing the DNS entry for "isofs" on both old and new PDC's to isofs2's IP. You would think that would have worked but I guess not.

I wish I had documented every little silly thing I had to do and fix throughout this project, but 50 (not really) different things to try I'd spend most of the time re-writing docs. I guess that answers my question on why no doc has been written yet for this __


On 2018-11-25, 6:04 PM, "Glenn Bergeron" <glenn at gbitservices.ca> wrote:

    Hi Rowland,
    The old server is Debian 3.2.101-1 running a compiled-from-source Samba 4.1.0. The new server I'm trying to migrate to is Ubuntu Server 18.04LTS, running a package-installed (apt) Samba 4.7.7.
    Old server name: isofs
    New server name: isofs2
    Domain: ISO.PRIVATE
    	netbios name = ISOFS2
    	realm = ISO.PRIVATE
    	server role = active directory domain controller
    	workgroup = ISO
    	ldap server require strong auth = no #Was required for FSMO transfer from old server
    	dns forwarder =
    	vfs objects = acl_xattr
    	map acl inherit = yes
    	hide dot files = yes
    	store dos attributes = yes
    	idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes
    	mangled names = no
    	oplocks = no
    	path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol/iso.private/scripts
    	read only = No
    	path = /var/lib/samba/sysvol
    	read only = No
    Where it's at now:
    - FSMO transferred to new server. I used Migrate, not Seize, as I hope I can roll back to the original server if I can't get things working on the new server by Monday morning.
    - GPO manually rsync'd to new server. 
    - "samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset" then run on new server, as well as "samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --reset-well-known-acls --fix --yes".
    - Old server demoted via "samba-tool domain demote -Uadministrator"
    - Based on your comment below re: DNS updating, I just ran "samba_dnsupdate" on the both old and new servers. It returned "No DNS updates needed".
    What's happening:
    Errors in log.samba on new server:
      Failed to bind to uuid e3514235-4b06-11d1-ab04-00c04fc2dcd2 for ncacn_ip_tcp:[49152,seal,krb5,target_hostname=d4c15af5-dfd5-4650-95de-c354a7256d15._msdcs.iso.private,abstract_syntax=e3514235-4b06-11d1-ab04-00c04fc2dcd2/0x00000004,localaddress=] NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
    On Windows:
    Can only log into DOMAIN\administrator. I can run "Active Directory Users and Computers", add a new user. But cannot log in as a user. Get error "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed".
    RSAT: Group Policy Management says is can't contact the domain controller.
    On 2018-11-25, 5:23 AM, "Rowland Penny" <rpenny at samba.org> wrote:
        On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 04:29:26 -0500
        Glenn Bergeron via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
        > After many, many, many hours of trying, and lots of research both on
        > this list, the Samba Wiki and elsewhere, I think I’ve finally come to
        > the conclusion that there is no way to seamlessly migrate between
        > servers.
        > Backing up and restoring (using samba_backup) doesn’t work.
        > Permissions hell with Windows.
        The old samba_backup script wasn't very good and there wasn't actually
        a restore script. The latest Samba versions have a new way of backing
        up and restoring Samba through samba-tools.
        > Joining the new 4.7.7 server to the old 4.1 DC server, waiting for
        > replication, then demoting the old server doesn’t work. It’s missing
        > all the GPO files, RSAT utils either don’t work or barely work (no
        > computer accounts listed for example), and workstations have their
        > System Events log filled with not being able to find or connect to
        > the domain server, DCOM errors relating to permissions, etc. 
        When you join a new DC, quite a lot of the required DNS records are not
        created until you restart Samba or until samba_dnsupdate runs.
        As for the GPO problems, They will not be on the new DC until you copy
        them there, this is because Sysvol is not replicated between DC's
        > I’m trying to not have to tell all the users that they’re going to
        > have whole new Windows profiles and lose all their settings, because
        > I can’t port anything and I have to start the AD server from scratch.
        > Hasn’t anyone done this with any success? And if so, why isn’t there
        > a solid document somewhere? I’m sorry I sound frustrated, but I’m at
        > my limit with this what should have been a simple migration from old
        > dying server to new server.
        I am sure that this has been done successfully, otherwise this list
        would have been full of posts similar to yours.
        Samba is a rapidly changing target and part of your problem could be
        the large jump between your versions, 4.1 to 4.7
        What OS are you using ?

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